Enterprise Email Marketing Solutions

Enterprise Email Marketing Solutions

eConnect Email Enterprise is for higher volume senders who want to maintain control over their sending through a self-service solution, but can benefit from building a solid sending reputation. Enterprise customers defer the infrastructure, monitoring and software solution to eConnect Email and focus on message creation and delivery.

eConnect Email Enterprise provides:

  • Dedicated IP address(s), instead of sharing a range of IP's with thousands of other customers.
  • Global Deliverability Monitoring of IP(s) and reputation monitoring globally at every major ISP.
  • Whitelisting & RFBL's with major ISP's.
  • Optional application for email reputation & certification services such as GoodMail, SenderScore and Habeas.
  • Locked-in CPM sending fees based on contract length.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Ongoing account success review.
  • Powerful API with support for your development team for integration opportunities.

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