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The team at eConnect Email would like to wish you a wonderful Holiday Season and best wishes for a prosperous 2011! We have put together some tips and tricks to making your email marketing a success in the new year. As always we welcome your feedback and if you have any questions about our software, we are hear to help.

Have a merry little email and a happy new marketing campaign...

eConnnect Email Team

Email Marketing – Understanding Response Rates

Email Marketing: Understanding Response Rates

Imagine you're having a face-to-face conversation with a friend. You analyze facial expressions, body language, and verbal response in an effort to see if your friend is interested, distracted, or entirely tuning you out. By monitoring their responses, you can adjust your conversation as needed. In the same way that watching your friend's reactions helps you carry on a better conversation, monitoring email response rates help gauge the interest of your subscribers.

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Split Testing: The Way Email Marketing Should Be Done

Split Testing: The Way Email Marketing Should Be Done

Are you tired of mediocre open rates from your email campaigns? What if you could eliminate the frustration of guessing at subject lines and content that will gain the attention of your subscribers? Imagine getting great results the first time you send out an email. When it comes to email marketing split testing is a no brainer. Using this powerful tool, you can put your marketing strategies in overdrive.

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The Debate: "Is Email Dead?"

The Debate: Is Email Dead?

Nowadays, email has to compete with Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and RSS feeds to even get noticed. Even so, the question "Is email dead?" is rather simplistic. Of course it's not dead. People still use email and they still sign up for e-newsletters and promotional emails. But that's not really what most people want to know when they ask the question. They want to know whether email marketing is still a good investment for their company.

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Our Great Software, Your Personalized Brand

Our Great Software, Your Personalized Brand

The eConnect Email Team is excited to announce the release of our Private Label Email Marketing Solution. With eConnect Email, you can launch a fully branded email marketing service without the hassle and cost of developing and maintaining an in-house solution.

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eConnect Email Affiliate Program

$3 Per Lead + 15% Lifetime Commission

We have been in business now for a good 6 years and we can honestly attribute our success to great clients and friends who have used our service themselves or referred business to us.

That being said, we are excited to launch our new affiliate program and start rewarding those that refer business our way.

The best part of this affiliate program is their is very little work involved. 15% of every eConnect Email account + $3 for every lead-in (free account) plan activated will be mailed to you each month just by displaying one of our ads on your website.

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