Monthly Plans

Choose Your Monthly Plan

All pricing is based on the number of emails you send per Month and billing is done on the first of the month. We happily accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover & American Express.

Plan Price Select
Send 1,000 per month $19.95
Send 2,500 per month $29.95
Send 5,000 per month $39.95
Send 10,000 per month $69.95
Send 20,000 per month $129.95
Send 40,000 per month $249.95
Send 60,000 per month $359.95
Send 80,000 per month $469.95
Send 100,000 per month $569.95
Send 250,000 per month $1249.95


  1. Activate My Account Immediately
    You will be charged for this month's usage and your account will be refreshed on the 1st of next month with another monthly deduction.
  2. Activate My Account On The 1st Of Next Month
    You can access eConnect Email and start preparing your list but you will not be able to do any sending until the 1st of next month.
  3. I've read and understand the anti-spam, privacy and terms of use policies.