Are Your Email Campaigns Dressed for Success?

Remember the Dress for Success books that flooded bookshelves in the 70s? Bookstores today offer updated versions of those books that reflect fashion shifts over the intervening decades, but the concept remains the same. If people can learn to dress well, they’ll be more likely to get the jobs they want and to command respect in the jobs they have. When you’re dressing for an interview, first impressions can make or break your chances of landing the job, meaning you’ve got to dress the part right from the beginning.

As you’re designing emails for your marketing campaign, a lot of those same principles apply. Viewers typically spend about 20 seconds tops deciding whether to keep your email, delete it, or mark it as spam. eConnect Email can help you dress your emails for success with our design tools and templates, making the most of your first impression by following these user-tested guidelines.

  • Identify Yourself

Emails that start with spammy sounding questions such as “Want to win a free t-shirt?” will often be directed into the spam folder, even if it’s a legitimate offer. Instead, start off by identifying yourself with a well-placed company logo or name. Also, make sure your email address is recognizable at first glance.

  • Look Professional

Use eConnect Email’s image manager to upload, sort, and edit photos that you would like to use when building your campaign. If you want to use colored text, pick a color and stick with it rather than changing colors throughout the message. In addition, avoid fire engine red and hyperlink blue for your primary text colors since these can send spammy vibes.

  • Pay attention to details

Any designer will tell you that the details will make or break your entire look. Pay attention to font choice, color, white space, and image placement. Viewers will be more likely to read emails that look as though someone actually cares about what they are sending out.

  • Take a Last Look

Always have someone else review your email before you send it. A second set of eyes might catch things you didn’t, and they also might be able to give you some insight on what impression your email will immediately make on your viewers. As a general rule of thumb we always suggest that you send out a test email before deploying it to all of your subscribers.  This way you can ensure that any merge tags you may be using are working properly and you have one final chance to catch any changes before it’s to late.

Make a great first impression and improve subscribe response rates by dressing every email for success.