Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for help with your eConnect account? Our Frequently Asked Questions below should be able to help. 

eConnect Email is for everyone who would like to promote their company’s products and services and build customer relationships through permission-based email marketing.

There are no special requirements or set up needed to access eConnect Email. eConnect Email is a web-based system and the only thing that you need to access eConnect Email is a JavaScript-enabled web browser and an internet connection.

Once you have signed up with an account, we will email you your password and you can start preparing your lists and sending your campaigns.

Absolutely…to start building your subscriber base, one option would be to subscribe to one of our Monthly Fixed Plans, which starts at $19.95 per month or you can choose to sign up with our Pay Per Campaign plan.

If you are thinking of purchasing or renting lists and using eConnect Email to send out your campaign, the answer is NO.  eConnect Email only allows permission-based email marketing.

You will have access to eConnect Email’s features and you can send your campaign to your subscribers based on the plan that you have subscribed to. On top of that, you will have unlimted server space to store your image files.

No. We will never share, sell or rent any of our customer’s lists to anyone. For more information review our privacy policy which covers how we handle our customer’s lists.

Yes, and we encourage you to do so to retain your branding.

We support and provide the following authentication:

  • SPF
  • Sender ID
  • Domain Key
  • DKIM

Yes, we do. All transactional emails and campaign emails are running on a separate dedicated IP address.

Would you give your email address to a company and allow them to sell it to others, when all you get in return is spam? If your answer is “No”, it is likely that others on these permission-based lists feel the same way.

No, we do not and will never provide email addresses for sale or rent. Our Anti-Spam policy prohibits the use of purchased or rented lists on our system.

Frankly, all email servers will experience blacklisting. But we monitor our mail servers on a daily basis and will get our servers delisted should we ever be blacklisted. At the same time, we will block the affected mail server and reroute all sending activities to our other servers.

Our Monthly Fixed plans are based on emails sent per month.  We only charge you for the number of emails you send per month; we do not charge based on the number of contacts/ subscribers you have within your account.  We believe our customers prefer to have more subscribers, thus being charged by the number of contacts limits your opportunity to build your mailing lists.

Most of the time, email marketers do not send emails to all their subscribers but choose a more targeted approach. So a better option for you is to only pay for what you send, and not for the number of subscribers you have. This will allow you to build your subscriber base and target more specific audiences. Also, by charging you based on the number of subscribers you have, you will not be able to have a fixed monthly bill – your bill will be based on your previous month’s subscriber count. This makes it difficult for you to control your email campaign budget.

Note: while we allow you to have unlimited subscribers, all your subscribers must be permission-based subscribers. We take serious action against customers who purchase or rent lists and send their campaigns through eConnect Email.

Our Pay As You Send email credits do not have any expiration dates. For example, if you were to purchase 10,000 credits and send 5,000 emails in the first month, your credit balance of 5,000 will be brought forward to the following months until you fully utilize your credits.  This package is good for email marketers who do not send emails often but would like to use an email marketing service.

Also, Pay As You Send users will enjoy the same benefits as our Monthly Fixed Plan users, so they can expand their pool of permission-based subscribers and start their campaign sending once they have enough subscribers. Users can also upgrade to our Monthly Fixed Plan once they start sending regularly.

Currently we only accept credit card payments, this keeps our billing department from having to track down monthly checks.  If you are on a Monthly Fixed Plan your credit card will automatically be billed on the first of the month, based on your subscription level, and an emailed receipt of the charge will be sent to you. 

Yes, we do, please send an email to our sales team and they will get back to you with the discounted rate.

We don’t believe in tying our clients down with contracts. Our Monthly fixed plans have no minimum contract period; the terms are month-to-month.

For our Pay As You Send plans, the email credits you purchased have no expiration date but all credits purchased are not refundable should you decide to cancel your account before utilizing all your credits.

Monthly payments are charged automatically on the first day of the month using the credit card of your choice.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for payment processing.  Once your card on file is charged you will receive an email with the payment receipt for your records. 

If additional emails need to be purchased beyond what your subscription level is set to, that’s no problem.  Just let us know and we will issue more email credits into your account and you will be charged based on your needs.

We recommend that you ensure there are enough funds in your credit card account to allow us to deduct your monthly payment, this will prevent disruptions to your service. In the event of insufficient funds, we will send you an email to inform you that we are unable to collect payment from your credit card. We will try to deduct from your credit card again for the next three days and if we are still unable to obtain the payment, your account will be suspended temporarily until you have made the full payment. If we still have not received the payment from you within 30 days, your account will be canceled.

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time (even though we hope you won’t) but it will only take effect from the following month, and we will not be able to refund you the current month’s billing.

Upon cancellation, we will keep your account open for one month to allow you to export your data for your own safe keeping, after which, our system will automatically delete all your data from our servers. All data deleted will not be retrievable.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account any time you need, but do take note of the following:

  1. Upgrading to a higher package – Upgrading takes effect immediately and you will be billed for the differences in pricing for that month.
  2. Downgrading to a lower package – Downgrading will only take effect from the following month.