Auto-Responders: Moving Beyond the Welcome Email

Auto-responders make it easy to stay on top of key aspects of your email campaign. Most companies use an auto-responder to welcome new subscribers, but these email gems are often overlooked when it comes to other types of contact. Ready to branch out? Consider using auto-responders in the following instances to help you stay connected with your subscribers.

Event News

Event registration, confirmation, announcements, and reminders can all be automated to reduce the workload for you while keeping your subscribers informed at the same time. Whether you’re planning a conference or a sales event, auto-responders will help you get the news out on time.

Birthday Offers

You don’t have to be a restaurant to send birthday offers. People love to feel special on their birthdays, so take advantage of that natural inclination toward opening this type of email and offer a discount or freebie to every member of your subscriber list using an autoresponder.

Abandoned Cart Follow-Up

How many sales does your website lose to shopping cart abandonment? Too many? Consider following up on abandoned carts with an auto-responder that reminds the subscriber of his recent searches. You can also save cart content using a cookie and send a follow-up email after a specified number of days to renew interest in those items.

Evergreen Newsletters

An evergreen newsletter uses the same content over and over again for each new subscriber. For instance, Subcribers A, B, and C will all receive the same Issue 1, Issue 2, and Issue 3, even though they each sign up three months apart. By using auto-responders to send these newsletters, you can stay connected with your new subscribers even if you don’t have time to generate unique newsletter content on a regular basis.

Loyalty Programs

Do you have a loyalty card that enables your customers to earn points or freebies based on how much they spend? Keep them shopping by sending regular reminders of how many rewards they’ve earned and how far they have to go before earning the next free item or discount.

Auto-responders are a great way to keep in touch with both new and old subscribers, long after you’ve sent the welcome email. Create customized drip-email campaigns through eConnect Email, sending emails based on the time, criteria and frequency you define. You can also use behavioral data, demographic information, or customer surveys to define email triggers that will keep your subscribers engaged and clicking.