Co-Registration: The Nays Have It!

Strong opinions abound on both sides of the co-registration debate. Co-registration, or the practice of subscribing to multiple newsletters simultaneously, walks a fine line when it comes to ethical list building practices. Let’s take a look at both sides of the debate.

Co-Registration is the Answer to All Your List Building Woes!

Adherents to this viewpoint believe that co-registration offers an easy way to build an opt-in list without having to go through the actual work of soliciting subscribers. By teaming up with other websites, you can mutually build your email lists with a minimum of effort. Touted benefits include:

  • Rapid list building
  • Lower spam rates than you get with purchased or rented lists
  • Increasing subscriber interest by offering a broader range of information than they signed up for
  • Networking with other businesses

While some of these benefits are iffy at best, the ease and speed with which you can build a list do seem tempting. However, before you jump in with both feet, here’s the other side of the story.

Co-Registration Will Sabotage Your Credibility!

Co-registration offers usually include wording such as “I would like to receive news and special offers from ThusandSo Co. and from other carefully selected companies.” Subscribers are asked to check the box (which in some cases may already be checked). This check mark constitutes an “opt-in” for these other carefully selected companies. Are red flags going up? They should be, because:

  • Pre-checking a box which may get overlooked is a sneaky way to build an email list. It will also result in high unsubscribe and spam rates.
  • The subscriber may not read the fine print and may not realize he is “opting in” for additional emails. While it’s not technically spam, it’s still going to destroy your credibility with that subscriber as he begins receiving emails he doesn’t remember signing up for.

The Nays Have It!

Your credibility as a company is worth far more than the few extra subscribers on your list who may open emails they receive as a result of co-registration. It’s never a good idea to trick people into signing up for your newsletter. Practicing ethically unquestionable list building techniques will ensure that your list remains clean and targeted to the people who have shown genuine interest.

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