Database Migration Scheduled For Saturday – 11:00 PM (PST)

This upcoming Saturday morning, December 10th eConnect Email will be experiencing some downtime due to a planned database server migration. To minimize disruption, the migration will begin at 11:00 PM (PST) and will run until complete – during this period the application will be unable to create or send emails. We’re expecting it to take 24 hours to complete and you will be able to resume sending as soon as it’s live again.

In preparation for the move we will be trying to minimize any campaigns in the sending queue by Friday evening. Please plan to send any large volume campaigns at the start of the the day Friday and plan to taper off by the end of that day.

During the migration, we will be implementing some new security enhancements. We’ve recently discovered some areas that we’d like to update and this database move will be a good opportunity to do so.

This migration is a milestone in bringing you all the greatly improved features we intend to offer our clients on eConnect Email and will be the only disruptive maintenance we require during the migration to our new infrastructure. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation!


eConnect Email Team