Email Marketing Beyond the Monthly Newsletter

Email newsletters are a great way to communicate with your customer base and keep them interested in what’s happening with your company. But don’t get so enamored with newsletters that you forget all of the other excellent ways you can use email marketing to your advantage. Ready to add some spice to your email campaign? Try one of these email approaches:

  • Marketing Email

Use your emails to promote sales events, offer limited time only specials, give discounts to your best customers, and remind subscribers about special deals and offer deadlines.

  • How-To Email

Keep subscribers interested in the messages you send by showing them how to do something, providing expert tips on a particular topic, or building credibility with industry knowledge.

  • Event Management Email

Manage both online and in-person events by using email to send invitations, provide conference or webinar details and reminders, and ask for feedback after the event. Your subscribers will love the personal, interactive touch, and you’ll love the ability to receive instant responses from subscribers.

  • Branding Email

Sometimes, your subscribers just need to see your company name and logo in their inboxes in order to strengthen their familiarity and trust with your brand. Branding should be part of every email you send as you seek to retain current subscribers and make new contacts.

In addition to specific types of emails, you can also use every email you send to accomplish multiple purposes. By avoiding the rut of single-purpose emails, you can accomplish all of the following and more:

  • Gain customer data

Keep an eye on key performance indicators such as open rates, click throughs, forwards, and unsubcribes for each of the various types of emails you send in order to determine which ones are most effective.

  • Build relationships

People love to know you’re thinking about them. Give them chances to interact with you via email and you’ll build lasting relationships based on loyalty over the long term.

  • Determine email ROI

ROI is much easier to monitor for email marketing than it is for social media venues. With a good analytics program, you can determine exactly which email formats and strategies lead to the greatest sales and conversion results.

At eConnect Email, we make monitoring your email campaigns simple using easy-to-understand analytics reports and statistics. We’ll also help you design custom emails that deliver your message in a unique and memorable format to every subscriber, every time.