Five Email Copywriting Tips Guaranteed to Engage Your Audience

Your click-through rates depend heavily on how well your copywriting engages subscribers. If they find your content boring or otherwise not worth their time, they may even decide to stop opening your emails or unsubscribe from your list. The good news is that you can polish your copywriting by making sure each email demonstrates these characteristics.

Be Personal

Email is inherently more personal than social media or blogging. People tend to guard their email addresses jealously, so when they sign up for your email list they’re displaying a certain level of trust and interest in what you have to say. Take that trust seriously and treat them as the valued customers they are. Send birthday emails, thank you emails, special offers, and whatever else you can think of to let your subscribers know you view them as individuals.

Remember, Your Subject Line is Copy Too

It’s easy to tack the subject line on at the last minute without giving it much thought. But doing so could be detrimental to your email campaign by sabotaging your open rates. Pay attention to things like simple, concise action wording, being straightforward, and not looking like spam.

Be Conversational

Don’t sound overly formal or salesy when you’re writing email copy. Let your subscribers know that you’re a person too, and include details that highlight a personality rather than merely a corporation. Talk about your latest blog post, your daughter’s birthday, or a special person who inspired you—anything to create a connection between you and the reader.

Provide Content That Benefits the Reader

Benefit doesn’t always have to be monetary. Give the reader something to make him laugh, pique his interest, tell him something he didn’t know, or tell him a story that means something to you. These types of emails capture interest and as an added bonus, they often inspire the subscriber to forward your email to friends and family who might become subscribers themselves. Of course, you can also provide benefit by offering discounts, freebies, or sneak previews of sale events.

Always Include a Call to Action

No matter how great your email is, the subscriber is unlikely to click through to your website if you don’t give him a reason for doing so. Ask the reader to take action in every email you send using compelling wording and a great incentive.

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