Forward This Email Function – Why Aren’t You Using It?

While running through the campaigns sent by our customers, I notice one obvious missing link.  No, not the unsubscribe link, because, after all, you will not be able to send any campaigns without it. I’m referring to a simple link that will help you spread your campaigns and the opportunity to get a few new subscribers.

Most of the campaigns that go out do not add the “Forward This Email” function in their email campaign.  This would be one wasted opportunity for you to be able to capture new subscribers or at least to create some form of viral marketing for your campaign.

We have made adding this link process as simple as possible and you should consider using it.  After all, whether or not your subscribers actually forward to their friends, having that link will have provided them with the convenience to do so, if they want to.

To add your “Forward This Email”, simply click on the Personalize button and choose “Personalized Link” followed by “Forward This Email”, and the link will be added to your campaign.  That is simple right?

Froward This Email Function

So next time you want to send your campaign, do remember to include a “Forward This Email” link and open up the opportunity to spread your campaign and get more subscribers.