Good News – Excite Feedback Loop Coming Soon

We recently received an email invitation from BlueTie inviting us to test drive their Feedback Loop (FBL) managed by Return Path.  Some of you might be wondering: BlueTie who?  BlueTie is a provider of web-based email and collaboration solutions and recently Excite outsourced their users email service to them.  If you are interested to learn more about it, check out the blog post from

With the outsource, Excite no longer provides the FBL service, which is of course bad news for email marketers as we can no longer get feedback from Excite users.  But things should all change real soon.  With the launch (or beta test) of the BlueTie FBL we can now start receiving feedback from Excite users.  Well done BlueTie!

I believe Return Path has done a good job with the Feedback Loop service.  We are seeing more and more ISPs using their FBL service.  Let’s just hope all of them start providing FBL real soon.