Is Your Email Campaign Optimized for Tablet Users?

If you’re still viewing mobile optimization as the latest in email marketing design, you may be falling behind the times. Studies show that tablet users now account for a growing percentage of online shoppers, with tablet ownership almost doubling over the 2011 Christmas holidays. And not only are more people using tablets, but those same people are also spending more. A recent Digital Marketing Insights study conducted by Adobe Systems found that tablet users spend 50% more than their smartphone counterparts and 20% more than those using desktops or laptops. What does that mean for email marketers?

  • Even if you’re not ready to take action, now is the time to consider how tablets might be changing the face of email marketing. Just as we are all getting used to creating a mobile version of our email campaigns, the tablet market has begun growing, introducing a whole new dimension to both email and website design. The changes may be subtle, but they are worth considering in light of the lucrative potential of this new market.
  • Adapt your code for larger screens. You can create device-specific code that will help your mobile emails display properly on varying screen sizes, from a relatively small iPhone to its larger tablet cousin, the iPad.
  • Keep it interesting below the fold. While it is still vital to make sure your most important information displays above the fold on any device, tablet users will appreciate interesting content that extends beyond the visibility cutoff for smartphones. Include good quality graphics and keep clickable elements spaced widely apart to accommodate finger clicks.
  • Monitor client usage to determine when it’s time to make the switch. By watching the analytics reports on each email you send, you can determine what percentage of your subscribers currently checks their email on a tablet device. As those numbers grow, you will know when it’s time to start implementing tablet-friendly designs and creative for your overall email campaign. Until then, it’s a trend that bears watching.

As email marketing continues to evolve alongside technology, eConnect Email provides all the capabilities you need to keep your email campaigns up to date. Our analytics and deliverability tools will keep you apprised of trends among your subscribers, ensuring that you’re ready to launch new initiatives when needed without scrambling to catch up.