Product Update: Mobile Previews Have Arrived, Plus New Unsubscribe Feature

Mobile Previews have arrived, along with a long-awaited adjustment in the unsubscribe process.

Now see your email rendering in five popular devices in addition to 29 email clients

An exciting addition to eConnect Email launched over the weekend: Mobile Previews! This is an addition to our already awesome Inbox Previews, an add-on service inside eConnect Email’s core email marketing application.

As you send off your email to see how it renders across 29 different email clients, you also will see that same email rendering in five different devices: the iPhone 3GS, Blackberry Curve, Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 6.5 and the iPad.


  • See email renders in five different mobile devices
  • Inbox Previews now features 29 different email clients

Try for yourself by running an Inbox Preview on your next email campaign! Not currently using Inbox/ Mobile Previews? Contact our sales team for more information, (866) 596-9997.

Unsubscribe by mistake? With a single click, re-subscribe!

With the single-click unsubscribe in eConnect Email, we understand that sometimes you or your clients accidentally unsubscribe and it’s somewhat of a process to re-subscribe them. No more!

Now anyone that unsubcribes will have the option to immediately re-subscribe with a single click. They won’t have to leave the page or go through any lengthy hassle. One click and they’re back on the list…just like that.

If you have any questions let us know!