Recently Launched – Canvas Customization

As we recently mentioned, our team has been hard at work adding more design flexibility to our email builder Canvas. We know how important this level of control is to so many of you, so we’re really excited to share that it’s now live.

You now have total control over the emails you create in Canvas. That means changing background colors, text colors, button colors and more so they perfectly match your brand. You’ll also be able to choose from a range of fonts for each text element in your campaign.

Customizing Colors

You can now quickly match a Canvas email to your brand using the color options in the customize tab. From this single spot you can change the color of headings, body text and header/footer text. You can also change the background color of your email, the color of links, button color, and button text color. Changing is as easy as entering the HEX color code directly, perfect for those with specific brand colors, or using our easy color picker to find one that suits.

Customizing Fonts

Changing your heading and text typeface is easy now too. Unlike other email builders, Canvas really pays attention to typography by worrying about details like line height and padding. It even supports web fonts with nice fallbacks. With the addition of customization, we made sure we gathered a bunch of typefaces that work well in any environment and can be paired together for some good combinations. That means fonts that look great at any size or weight, such as bold or italicized. So when it comes time for you to design your email, whatever font you choose in Canvas, it will look just right.

We know you’re going to love the new flexibility and control that customization provides, but to allow for it we did need to make a few template design tweaks. So if you’ve previously created a template using Canvas you may notice some small changes. We hope you’ll agree it was a small price to pay to get total control over colors and fonts in your email designs. If you do have any questions about that, just get in touch with our Support team who are always happy to help.

While this new flexibility and control has made Canvas more powerful, we’ve made sure it’s still just as easy to create unique emails quickly that will automatically look great everywhere. And our work doesn’t stop here. Look out for more Canvas updates soon.

Thanks again to everyone who let us know how important this flexibility was. We absolutely listen to everything you have to say and are so grateful you’re passionate enough to share your thoughts with us. This update is now available in your account and we hope you take a moment to check it out. We can’t wait to see the emails you start customizing!