Tips For Crafting Welcome Emails That Engage Your Subscribers

Do you read the welcome emails that show up in your inbox? For most people, the answer would be “probably not.”  For me it depends on whether the subject line captures my attention, whether I remember the company, and whether I think it’s going to be worth my time. Fail to achieve any of these goals and you can kiss your readership good-bye. Superb welcome emails show personalization, relationship, timeliness, and value for the reader. With eConnect Email, these key elements are easy.


“Dear Stella” works much better than “Dear New Member” when it comes to capturing a viewer’s attention. Make the reader feel like you value him enough to remember his name and he’s more likely to keep reading past the salutation. In addition, sign your letters with a person’s name rather than with a generic “thank you from the team.” Make your welcome emails look like a letter, not like a form. Keep it personal by using the custom fields/demographics feature that eConnect Email offers to merge subscriber data into each welcome email you send.


Your welcome email should say more than “welcome.” It should also include a hint for the reader of what they can expect out of their relationship with you. Intrigue them, but don’t put all your cards on the table at once. For instance, if you’re a fitness gym, talk about a six-week program to achieve the goal the user specified at sign-up.


Have you ever received a welcome email from a company you don’t remember interacting with? This usually happens because the company sends welcome emails out in batches, meaning that an individual subscriber might not receive his letter for two or three weeks when the next batch gets sent out. Keep readers interested in your company by using autoresponders to send an immediate message to new subscribers. Also, don’t forget to personalize the messages too by using eConnect Email’s merge tags, or dynamic content to create unique content for each subscriber.


Because of the sheer number of  email messages competing for your subscribers attention, it’s vital that you communicate value to your readers from the very first email you send. Offer a discount, give them a sneak preview of an upcoming event, or provide a tip of the week.


By incorporating personalized, timely messages that communicate value and build relationships, you can capture your readers’ attention from day one. Use the tools available through eConnect Email’s customizable delivery system to deliver brilliant welcome emails that will leave new subscribers hungry to read more.