Unsolicited Email Is Bad, Especially For Business Owners

Loren McDonald posted an article at Deliverability.com, about lessons we can learn from an unsolicited B2B email she received.  (The article is available at http://blog.deliverability.com/2008/07/lessons-from-an.html).  She listed some obvious facts that many marketers or salespersons either forget about, or simply choose to ignore.

Her point 4.

No Unsubscribe – The email, which was “sent” from a salesperson “Lori M….”, did not include any instructions or means to unsubscribe.  Perhaps she thought this was a “1 to 1″ email and didn’t require an unsubscribe mechanism or she was just a salesperson that ran amok without involving marketing.  The fact that this email was professionally designed though suggests she was not a lone gunman.  What boggles the mind is how does a legit company send out a broadcast email in the year 2008 without an unsubscribe mechanism?

This is something that will never happen at eConnect Email, because in the first place, we require all our customers to practice permission-based email marketing.

Reading the article reminded me of an upcoming conference that we were asked to sponsor in return for free booth space.  In the sponsor brochure, it was explicitly stated that all sponsors would get the contact information of the conference participants.  Well, that’s nice but no thanks.