Writing an Effective Email Newsletter

Think about the marketing emails you receive in your in-box each day. How do you decide which ones are worth the time to read and which ones go in the trash? If you’re like most people, you probably look for messages that do one of three things:

1) offer you a great deal
2) tell you something useful
3) entertain you

The people who subscribe to your email list are no different. Let’s take a look at four ways to create a newsletter your customers will want to read.

Have a Recipient in Mind

Who receives your emails? Chances are you know someone who fits the demographics of your target audience. Maybe it’s women in the workforce like your sister, men who play golf like your dad, or parents of young children like your best friend. Try to have a face in mind as you’re writing your newsletter and ask yourself what they would enjoy reading. What deals make them look twice, what tips will catch their interest, and what will make them laugh? Leverage user demographics to help you create a concrete picture of who you’re sending your messages to.

Be Relevant

Once you know who your audience is, choose topics that are relevant to them. What will make them sit up and take notice? Because your email list consists of people who have opted to receive more information from you, you know that they’re loyal customers, so treat them that way. Notify them first about specials and sales, offer them exclusive coupons and let them know they’re important to you. In addition, include information that will be useful to them right now, such as seasonal tips and ideas.

Be Personal

Instead of treating your newsletter as just another article, be a little less formal and let your personality shine through. Win the trust of your recipients by helping them relate to you or making them smile and then give them something they can take with them like an idea or a special coupon. Also, if you’re an eConnect Email client make use of the dynamic content feature to further personalize your campaigns based on demographics.

Keep it Short

No one has time to read dozens of thousand-word newsletters every day. Say what you need to say as concisely as possible and your audience will be more likely to stick with you.

eConnect Email is here to help you as you develop your personal email newsletter style. Our email creation and testing tools will help you professionally craft each email campaign you send. Using our email templates, campaign wizards, inbox preview, and dynamic content tools, you can communicate your ideas clearly and concisely, keeping your readers engaged and wanting more…