Introducing Subscriber Notifications

We’re very excited to announce that we have released a beautiful, flexible new way to keep up with the people who are joining your subscriber lists.  We’ve given you complete control over what notifications you’d like to receive and when.

Instant Updates

If you’re interested in learning everything you can about each person that joins your list, you’re going to love our instant notifications. You can set them on a list-by-list basis, and every time someone signs up, we’ll send you something like this…

Each email will include all the data they might have supplied when subscribing. Plus, we’ll show you exactly where they subscribed from and if available, what they look like. It’s amazing how quickly this turns them into a real person instead of just another email address. These notifications can be set on a list-by-list basis, so you’re only updated instantly when you need to be.

Daily, Weekly or Monthly Summaries

As well as instant notifications, you can also choose a daily, weekly or monthly summary that gives an overview of all the new subscribers across every list for each client. We’ll show you where they’re from, which lists they’ve been added to and even pull out a few friendly faces.


First things first, notifications will be turned off by default for you. But, if you would find these notifications useful, you can easily enable them from your account. These notifications are set on a per-person basis. As long as you have permission to manage your own subscribers, you can head into your notification preferences and choose the types of updates that suit you best.

How to turn notifications on
You’ll notice a new option in the sidebar of “Lists & Subscribers” like this…

From there you can select any lists you’d like instant updates for, and if you’d like to receive a daily, weekly or monthly summary across all the lists for that subscriber.

One final point worth mentioning, these notifications are all about organic subscribers joining your lists.  This means we won’t notify you about subscribers you manually import yourself, only those that join from your subscribe forms, an integration you might have set up or the API.

We’ve got another exciting subscriber related announcement coming up, so stay tuned for another heads up.