Say Hello to the Subscribe Button

Hot on the heels of Subscriber Notifications, we’re excited to announce the all new Subscribe Button. The easiest way to add an elegant, unobtrusive subscribe form to any page on your site.

The Subscribe Button is perfect for your sidebar, footer or any page with limited screen real-estate. Slot the button in where you like, and once it’s pressed a simple subscribe form instantly appears through a modal window.

Customize Everything

The button itself is available in two colors and sizes. You can use your own button text, and also choose to show or hide the number of subscribers in that list.

We’ve also given you lots of control over the subscribe form. Choose which fields you’d like to show and in what order, set the important stuff as required and add your own intro copy.

You’ll find the feature under a simplified sidebar for each subscriber list in your account. Just click on Grow your audience option to get started.

This update is one of a number of nice improvements we have planned around making it easy as possible for people to join your lists. As always, feel free to give us a call if you have any questions!