Riding the Mobile Wave with Mobile Friendly Emails

Statistics show that approximately 10% of email recipients will check their email on a mobile device. Not too big a splash, right? Should you be worried about the experience those 10% have if it means completely rethinking your approach to email design? Before you write off this segment of viewers, let’s take a closer look at that 10% statistic. Your target audience most likely checks their inbox at multiple locations including their desktop and mobile phone, meaning that of your total audience, the percentage checking email using a mobile device at least some of the time may be closer to 40%. That’s a number that should cause you to pause and consider.

Achieving Mobile Friendly Design

If 40% of your subscribers check at least some of their emails on a mobile device, then it makes sense to give them an easy and readable experience. That used to mean creating a separate mobile version or trying to deal with inadequate HTML displays. But these days, most smartphones can display HTML coding without issues.  People without good HTML rendering capabilities generally only check urgent emails on their phones, saving other correspondence for the desktop.

Reading and Clicking

So then, what should take top priority when designing an email with mobile users in mind? The short answer: screen size and touch capabilities. Because your emails must display on small phone screens, you’ll need to increase the size of both your fonts and your clickable buttons. The goal should be for users to read every element of your email without increasing the overall size, thereby hiding certain elements from view.

Touch capabilities should also play a role in your design strategy. As more and more people click with their fingers instead of with a mouse, you’ll need to allow more room between clickable elements to accommodate clumsy digits. Small changes like these won’t greatly impact the design of your email as it appears on a desktop, but it will vastly improve the experience your mobile audience has.

With the custom email design capabilities of eConnect Email, you can create your own custom email templates that will display beautifully no matter how your audience receives them. Our experienced design team can help create mobile-friendly email campaigns and can also help you gauge their effectiveness using our detailed reporting functionality. No matter where email takes you in the future, eConnect Email will keep your campaigns running efficiently in order to deliver stellar results, every time… guaranteed!