Using Social Media to Beef Up Your Email Marketing Campaign

With the advent of social media, online marketing arenas have been altered permanently and drastically. People love the instant gratification social media offers as well as the increased possibilities for conversation and relationship. For businesses, that means capitalizing on those aspects of social media that help increase trust and brand recognition among your target audience. However, don’t let the flashy attractiveness of social media overshadow your tried and true email marketing techniques. Instead, look for ways that you can intertwine the two in order to benefit both.

It’s a Big, Big World Out There

One of social media’s greatest attractions for marketers is that it grants potential access to millions of previously unreachable contacts. When people like your posts or share your articles, this is now visible to all of their friends, giving you the chance to win their attention as well. Savvy email marketers have begun capitalizing on this opportunity by posting an email list sign-up form directly on their Facebook pages. Not only do you reach friends of your current fans, but potential fans can find out immediately how to subscribe to your email list without having to dig deep. And Facebook isn’t the only way to gain greater visibility. Encourage fans to share your email campaigns by including options for them to easily share your messages on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Buzz, etc.

Mobilizing Your Email Marketing Campaign

Incorporating social media into your email marketing campaign is great, but statistics show that ever-increasing numbers of people check their social media accounts not from their desks or laptops, but from their smartphones. Mobile phones have become the go to resource for many people to stay up-to-date on all their digital correspondence, including email, Facebook, and other social media venues. In order to reap the most benefit from an email marketing effort that includes social media, you’ll need to make sure your signup form works with a mobile phone.

Great Openers Demand Great Follow-Ups

Once you’ve engaged the viewer’s attention enough for him to subscribe to your email list, it’s vital that you follow through with an excellent welcome email. Consider including a time-stamped special offer, encouraging readers to take immediate action for further engagement with your company.

eConnect Email can walk you through every phase of your email marketing campaign, from list  building, to email creation and testing, to autoresponders and support. As you start to plan your next campaign make sure to leverage social media.  If there is ever anything we can help you out with be sure to let us know.